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Buying a home
It's a major investment and "home" work is required. Start off on the right foot with this handy guide, The Home Buyer's Handbook. Choose a Realtor that knows our market.

Building or remodeling
If you're building in Moorhead, find out what you need to know to know about permits, inspectors and contractors.

Minnesota offers good advice on selecting contractors or being your own contractor. Price isn't the only consideration. Download The Citizen's Guide to Home Building and Remodeling for helpful tips.

The Home Builders Association of Fargo-Moorhead is another resource as you look for a contractor. You can also contact our Building Codes Division for help.

Interested in renting?
See what's available.

Senior Housing
There are a number of senior housing options in Moorhead covering the spectrum from independent living condominiums to skilled nursing care and memory care facilities.
View the senior housing page for contacts of senior housing rentals and assisted living, and nursing home care.

Flood protection
Nearly all Moorhead's existing homes and all platted residential building lots are outside of, or elevated above, the Special Flood Hazard Area (100-year floodplain). Major flood control efforts implemented since 2009 provide additional protection for the entire city.

Here are some interactive maps that allow you to find out more about a specific property you're interested in:

Flood Stage Map

FEMA Floodplain Map

Property Taxes
Moorhead has the lowest property taxes in the F-M metro area. Check out this property tax calculator for the value of home you are considering, or check the actual property tax statement If you have a specific address.


See our Steps to Owning a Home in Moorhead checklist.